About Netsis


NETSİS, founded in 1991, develops corporate business software that address companies across diverse sectors and scales according to contemporary and internationally acknowledged criteria. NETSİS provides end-to-end business automation to approximately 40,000 entities with its lengthy experience in the sector. NETSİS nevertheless raises its profile every day with its expert project team committed to hundred percent customer satisfaction, its call center, its vision that proactively integrates future technologies into the products providing its customers the grounds to distinguish themselves in their business and in competition, its products that can be easily adapted according to the structure of every organization depending on the sector and scale. NETSİS distinguishes itself in its line of business with its genuine products that constitute the firsts in the sector.

Founded with hundred percent Turkish capital, Netsis, today, provides services country-wide with its Turkey regional offices in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, its software development headquarters in the Technology Development Zone at the İzmir Institute of Technology and its business partner channel on the order of 400 entities.

As NETSİS has adopted the primary mission of exporting software products from Turkey to the world markets, it has taken the first steps in this mission with its accomplishments in the past few years and established reliable partnerships in Egypt, Iran, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

NETSİS Business Solutions and Service Quality

NETSİS provides its customers end-to-end integrated solutions that range from customer relationship management to supply chain, from planning to purchase, from materials management to production, from finance management to human resources.

NETSİS” vision aims at producing the solutions that will scale down the globe while assisting users to expand their businesses. In this context, NETSİS has developed solutions that enable real-time information exchange via B2B portals and e-business applications for customers and suppliers. Further supporting in its products the technologies that make the difference, such as voice technologies, positional technologies, e-signature, NETSİS has distinguished itself as a pioneer in its line of business. With the help of the NETSİS tools that can be easily integrated with external software applications that are specially developed for the sector or the organization, many of the NETSİS business partners have developed niche solutions and facilitated the operations of the organizations that require special software in their business.

All of NETSİS products, Netsis Enterprise, Netsis Standard, Entegre.NET, positioned as small-, medium- and large-scale products, represent not only this vision but, as well, the business practices, methodology and experience that are acquired over the years.

With solutions compatible with the internet economy, on the other hand, NETSİS continues to improve the quality of its products and services that satisfy the needs of its customers that build e-business architecture. NETSİS is already prepared to present its web-based solutions that exploit future technologies and support global competition, to the services of its users in 2008.

Why Netsis?

    • Commitment to the principles of customer satisfaction and excellence
    • Lengthy experience with corporate clientele and in international implementation
    • Support provision by more than 1000 certified ERP consultants across Turkey
    • Extensive network of business partners throughout Turkey
    • Facilitated usage, fast adaptation
    • Online and real-time operation flexibility with other software applications
    • Methods and analyses based on international standards in project development and project management
    • Continuous evaluation and generalization of user requests
  • Local solution, fast support and legislative compatibility
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